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ECI 831: – Social Media and Online Education

First Step toward Learning

As I indicated earlier, martial arts is an intriguing skill. Though this ability is challenging to learn, I wouldn’t rush to do so. In order to perfect this skill, I had to start out slowly. I used to practice this technique with my director’s daughter most of the time when I was working there. She used to instruct students on fundamental skills.

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She informed me that it is important to maintain a healthy weight before beginning martial arts training. However, I discovered that I was overweight when I weighed myself on a machine. After that, I made the decision to start working out at a gym. In the late afternoon, I had signed up for the YMCA gym in Regina, Saskatchewn.

I begin my hour-long run on the treadmill at a speed of 6 mph. According to the treadmill’s speedometer, I had burned 500 calories in a half-hour. Then I have to take a 10-minute break before starting to run on the treadmill once more at the same speed.

I felt exhausted after that. I avoided a lot of junk food as a result of mastering my initial step towards my skill. I used to typically eat Maggie. But when I train for running, I also become overly concerned about my food. Even so, in order to be healthy and fit, I now consume a lot of green vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, avocados, apples, and kiwis. I also drink a lot of water.

I have lost weight until 57 after practicing running for a week. I’m now prepared to go learn this talent. My initial learning phase is almost complete. I now want to take the following stages in the upcoming weeks in addition to working out. I’m going to start practicing’s punches next week.

Thanks for reading.

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Category Archives:- Network Learning Post

Instagram has Changed the World

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I don’t use social media frequently. There is no question that it significantly influenced the world as we know it. The majority of work today should be completed on social media. Most of the time, I choose to use only those social media platforms and websites that are convenient for me to use and support my educational goals. Instead of using other social media sites, I would prefer to use WhatsApp to share my images, videos, and essential documents. In comparison to other social networking networks, I find WhatsApp to be simpler to use.

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However, the majority of my friends choose to utilize Instagram and Snapchat to share both their photographs and their tales. They explained to me the many features of both Instagram and SnapChat. But as soon as I started using both, I thought Instagram seemed more intriguing than Snapchat. I then registered for an account there. I want to know more about it. When I first started utilizing this platform, I discovered a lot of features. Nevertheless, I have learned how to post media using both geolocation and hashtags. However, it is simple to share one’s stories, pictures, and videos with followers. This software has several fantastic features, however WhatsApp lacks the ability for users to share their posts publicly. On the other side, it has several outstanding features that I have observed while using this app , such as live streaming, private messaging, and short stories.

Additionally, It affects Users in a variety of ways, both positive and negative. One of this app’s greatest advantages, in my opinion, is that it gives us a more visual platform. Users can also edit, post, and share short stories using the most cutting-edge methods with the help of this application. The children, however, experience a great deal of benefit from it. It serves as a platform that is kid-friendly, therefore in my opinion, it gives kids the possibility to feel empowered. For example, kids may express their creativity without worrying about what the rest of the world will think. By imitating their favorite’s role models, children are able to learn about those people, and they have easy access to anything they desire. The addictive nature of Instagram is one of its drawbacks, in my opinion. Although I have seen that younger users of Instagram are more addicted than adults. When I start using it, I also develop an addiction. Even though I used to check other people’s posts and forget about my own work and essential projects, spending the majority of my time texting, sharing videos, and scrolling through Instagram accounts that I followed feels like a waste of time.

I believe that Instagram offers many educational opportunities for teachers and parents to be aware of. For example, instructors and parents can start accounts on Instagram to promote kids’ use of descriptive writing. On the other side, kids can utilize the websites for NASA, The British Library, National Geographic, and other museums to learn about anything in the world.

As a result, it has significantly altered the world. I’d like to learn more about cross-app communications and remixing the reels.

Thanks for reading.

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Major Project Post

ECI 831:- (Social Media and Online Education)

Masters in Martial Arts

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I believe that everyone has a different set of skills. To meet their needs and reach their future objectives, everyone wants to learn new abilities. Although some people would like to pick up a talent as a sort of hobby, others learn because they are inspired by others.

Even as a teenager, I was quite interested in learning more about this, but sadly, I never had the opportunity. My employer’s daughter gave me the motivation to revisit this subject, nevertheless. When I am free, she instructs me on the fundamentals of karate, including kicks, strikes, and blocks. She used to practice fundamental punches with me in an effort to achieve perfectionism. I was moved by this, and I made the decision to study more about martial arts. Since I take good care of my health, I would like to learn karate skill, a martial art inorder to improve both my mental and physical fitness as my learning project.

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This is the only talent, in my opinion, that is crucial for maintaining fitness and self-defense. However, when I searched for videos on learning karate, I discovered the enormous advantages of martial arts. To achieve perfection in this skill, on the other hand, one needs physical stamina, composure, hard work, focus, and discipline.

Continuing with the upcoming learning project step. How will I be able to get this skill? to achieve perfection in that. After finishing my education, I will be enrolled to a Karate decent training Centre in Regina, which provides me with exceptional instruction. By doing this, I may develop into an effective student and be able to teach others through my YouTube channel. I only want to learn this skill because I want to engage in a regular activity. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up this talent fairly quickly.

Thanks for reading

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ECI :- 831 (Social Media and Online Education)

Me and My Social Media Experiences

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Social media is a term that is frequently used today. I think it’s simple to share knowledge, ideas, and other forms of expression through virtual networks. I enjoy using various social media platforms in accordance with my needs. I have been actively using social media since I was 18 years old. I would like to use LinkedIn for my professional use and WhatsApp for my personal use.

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I enjoy travelling. I prefer to use my travel-related WhatsApp status. On the other side, adding captions and using travel quotations brighten our day. It’s an easy-to-use function. However, WhatsApp is one of my favorite’s social media platforms and I use it frequently since it allows me to make voice and video conversations to my faraway family members and friends. Additionally, it offers me the option of secure messaging. I travelled to Vancouver, British Columbia on January 23, 2023 to see my friends and family. We had a terrific vacation, thoroughly enjoying ourselves, and explored several significant locations there. I used to upload pictures of various spots in the Vancouver region on Instagram and WhatsApp statuses so that my friends and family in Regina and India could see the beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia. This allowed me to feel connected to them and help them understand how much I missed them.

On the other side, I was continuously updating my WhatsApp status about exploring various locations of Vancouver. As a result, even some of my friends who are closest to me do not use WhatsApp, I am unable to show them or share my images. However, WhatsApp can work with installed WhatsApp and contact numbers. On the other side, this software may only be used with an internet connection. I was unable to video contact my dad to share and see the view of several sights in Vancouver due to a network issue.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

In terms of my professional life, I often choose to utilize LinkedIn to look for new employment, connect with coworkers and hiring managers. I didn’t have a job when I first arrived in Canada. At that time, one of my friends introduced me to LinkedIn, the most popular professional network in the world. This social networking site gives me up-to-date details on numerous job types in various sectors along with a job description. I also desired a position working with children. I fill out my LinkedIn profile with information on my contact details, educational background, work history, and talents. After that, LinkedIn connected my profile with numerous recruiting companies and kept me updated on various early childhood educator-related job openings. Finally, I received a notification from YMCA, Regina regarding an interview via this official social media channel. My first job in Regina seems to have been made possible by this professional network. On the other hand, it gives me the chance to discover how to apply for jobs and learn how to locate a job.

But on the other hand, it has been quite difficult for me to use LinkedIn to locate work in Regina. I started receiving spam mails from various websites as soon as I created my LinkedIn profile. They never stop presenting me with pricey premium account plans. I purchased these account plans at the time despite not knowing about these plans. After then, it was free, my friend informed me, and I immediately felt terrible. However, setting up a LinkedIn profile takes too much time. One is incapable to achieve useful something if they are unaware of the site.

Consequently, social networking is very helpful to me in both my personal and professional lives. I enjoy spending time on various social media platforms learning new stuff.

Thanks for reading.

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